Our realities are virtual, your experience is real

Aldin's reality experiences are crafted for AR/VR, combining novel design with innovative technologies to make the most imaginative human experiences possible.

values & mission

We pioneer high-quality, believable reality experiences for people from all walks of life. Our goal is to leverage the unique power of the VR/AR medium and AI to inspire people to imagine new realities and experience things that have never been possible in history.

  • Innovation

  • Inspiration

  • Intuition

  • VR already has some exceptionally well-received games, like Waltz of the Wizard

    Waltz of
    the Wizard

    An experience unlike any other that gives anyone powers to change the world, with just a spoken word and wave of their hand. Create fun activities as if by magic, discover secrets and speak to curious creatures. Interact naturally using cutting-edge VR and AI features like hand tracking, voice interaction, gestures and more, making what we imagine truly feel like a believable reality.
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    • Natural interactions
      Interact just like in reality — use your hands, voice and body language intuitively to interact with the world and characters.
    • Input for reality
      Natural input with voice and hands in reality, that makes content truly accessable to anyone.
    • Reality experiences
      Environmental events and effects that don’t just make it look real, but feel real.
    • Beyond reality
      Experience things you can't in reality. Intuitive gesture- and voice based magic that simulates particles, as if magic is a real physical force.
    • Characters that feel alive
      AI characters that talk and react to your presence, as if you’re really there.
    • Something for everyone
      Exploration, discovery, puzzle solving, easter eggs, creative powers, storyline, combat. Waltz offers diverse things that anyone can enjoy.

    Aldin helped pioneer VR as we know it today

    Waltz hands peace sign

    people think

    • This by far would have to be one of the most immersive experiences I have had in VR.

    • Absolutely stunning in every way! This is what VR should be all about.

    • To this day, Waltz of the Wizard remains one of the best and most interesting VR games.

    • The sense of presence is fantastic.

    for realities

    Our technologies leverage AI systems to combine voice, hands, eyes and expressive bodylanguage in a way that’s more than the sum of its parts. This enables new formats for ‘reality’ software that’s intuitive for anyone, highly-interactive and empowering in ways that feel like real magic.

    Aldin’s PresenceCore™ engine enables you to interact with VR/AR in intuitive and effortless ways, like a wave of your hand or snap of your fingers, combining the full human range of multimodal expression for highly interactive content that works more like reality.

    PresenceCore™ also powers our quality assurance tool Ghostline® that helps polish the user experience, accelerate development and improve the design of VR/AR content.

  • Hand tracking, voice and body language

  • Characters that feel alive

  • Highly interactive and simulated worlds

  • Tools for VR/AR experience analysis