Open Positions

AldinĀ® is a pioneering entertainment software company focused on capturing unforgettable experiences that are only possible in VR, in ways that entertain and inspire diverse audiences. Our team is driven by a passion for quality and innovation, having shipped several well received titles across multiple virtual reality platforms in close collaboration with the industry leaders Oculus, Valve & HTC. After being the #1 top rated VR experience on Steam for years, our flagship product is now a top selling product on Oculus Quest.

Open Positions

We are looking for talented individuals with a passion for innovation and burning interest to build a unique software and entertainment company with us. This is an exciting opportunity to work on groundbreaking products and technologies that truly leverage the strengths of VR/AR, as part of an ambitious long-term plan for experiences unlike anything in the history of computing.

For a list of open jobs please see this link.

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