Waltz of the Wizard - Press Kit

Waltz of the Wizard® is a virtual reality experience that lets you feel what it’s like to have magical powers! Combine arcane ingredients into a cauldron, unleashing creative or destructive wizardry upon a fully interactive world designed to feel believable, inspired by the atmosphere of classic fantasy films. Waltz of the Wizard is constantly expanding with more content, more advanced magic and believable reality simulations.

“VR already has some exceptionally well-received games, like Waltz of the Wizard”
-Rolling Stone Magazine

“Waltz of the Wizard has some of the most impressive uses of VR I've seen yet”

“Spent tonight playing catch with an animated wall statue. VR is giving me the childhood i never had!”
-Norman Chan, Tested

Waltz of the Wizard is a joy-filled fantasy experience that anyone can enjoy and a sampler dish of things that make VR unique! Feel what it’s like to have magical powers in this remaster of the popular original experience. A goal with Waltz of the Wizard is to create a believable virtual reality, where magic is real. The original free demo version of Waltz of the Wizard, Waltz of the Wizard: Legacy, was released in 2016 and remained the highest rated VR experience on Steam from 2017-2020 when it was succeeded by Half-Life: Alyx. It is now the second highest rated VR app on Steam with a 97% positive user rating.

Key Features

Feel what it’s like to have creative and destructive magical powers!

Combine arcane ingredients into a boiling cauldron with the help of an ancient spirit trapped in a skull.

Interact in natural ways with a fully interactive reality designed to feel believable.

Solve puzzles and battle supernatural foes in an ancient labyrinth.

Unlock new items by solving riddles in a scavenger hunt.

Unique magical gestures with Oculus Quest hand-tracking; blow things up with a snap of your fingers, enlarge your fingers and more.

Traverse the world with Telepath with a flick of your wrist; a unique immersive VR movement controls designed by Aldin for reduced simulation sickness, more believable physical engagement and enhanced sense of presence.

Oculus Quest - Hand-tracking

Aldin has created a set of unique features that leverage the power of Oculus Quest’s hand-tracking to give you a sense of truly wielding magical powers with your own bare hands. Traverse the world with Telepath with a flick of your wrist; unique immersive VR movement system and solution for controllerless VR movement. Designed by Aldin for reduced simulation sickness, more believable physical engagement and enhanced sense of presence.

Snap your fingers to make objects in your line-of-sigh explode.

Pour GIANT potion over your hands to enlarge your fingers.

Interact with a shape-precise water surface.

Hand-puppet pose makes googley-eyes appear on your hands.

See character react to hand gestures (point at, flip off, chaka sign, sign of the devil)

Wiggle your fingers while using the spells TRANSMUTE, POLYMORPH, SUPERSIZE, MINIATURIZE.

Believable Reality Design

Aldin creates content designed to offer a believable experience of being in an alternate reality. This includes everything being a fully interactive simulation, where natural interaction works as you would expect if it were real.

About Aldin

Aldin® is an Icelandic VR software company creating believable virtual reality experiences designed for sustained presence & immersion.

Over the course of several years, Aldin has passionately worked towards building a base of made-for-VR technologies, design methods and production techniques to capture the potential of VR in ways that entertain and inspire diverse audiences. A cornerstone in the company’s technological foundation is physical presence & behavior analysis, enabling more convincing character- and environmental reactions and powering the Ghostline® XR toolsuite to enhance design and production of immersive content.

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Waltz of the Wizard
Waltz of the Wizard
Waltz of the Wizard


GENERAL SCREENSHOTS (114mb, zip) Oculus Quest Hand Tracking Media (Dropbox)

Waltz of the Wizard - Trailer

Waltz of the Wizard: Extended Edition was released in 2019 on Steam for HTC Vive & Oculus Home for Oculus Rift.

Download Quest Hand-tracking Trailer (zip, 317mb)

Waltz of the Wizard - Hand tracking on Oculus Quest

Waltz of the Wizard controllerless hand tracking is available on Oculus Quest.

Download Screenshots (114, zip) Download Quest Hand-tracking Trailer (317mb, XXX)

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